At the YWCA, we aim to give opportunity and agency to the women who find shelter here.

All testimonials are anonymous and are permitted to be shared:

I think about the LONG journey I’ve embarked on over the past six years. Circumstances beyond my control left me sleeping on icy doorways and finding blessed places like the Mission to get me temporarily out of the cold. I slept on so many couches that I would wake up taking a full three minutes just to look about, get my bearings, and figure out where in the world I was.

I was fortunate enough to have someone give me their late father’s old car, so I at least had a roof over my head and a bit more warmth. I volunteered for a couple of churches, teaching Sunday school and, through those connections, I got warm socks, a sleeping bag, and a multitude of other gifts, not to mention a circle of loving, supportive, people who cared.

Now, I’m not complaining about my struggles. Struggle and strife come before success, even in the dictionary. All of the people I met, all the experiences I had, shaped me and bolstered my understanding and empathy (not sympathy) of and with others. It has shown me the kindness and strength that exist within the human spirit. It has shown me that often times those that have the least give the most.

What my story is leading to is the gift of my salvation through the YWCA. When I was finally afforded the opportunity to live within the comforting shelter of the Y, I felt like I was in heaven and it gave me great hope. I have a bed to stretch my legs out on, a window to open and close, facilities to utilize, a kitchen to cook in, and a fellowship of women to confide in and find strength with.

Now, I have my own room in a safe place where my feet can actually begin to become planted on the ground. It has allowed me to begin to work at, for now, short-term jobs — but that is leagues beyond what I was able to practically do without a home.

    I know this is a temporary living situation. However, it is giving me the foundation to establish a more stable, permanent situation for myself. The YWCA has absolutely improved my life and opened up a plurality of possibilities for myself and others. Most of all, it has given me faith, optimism, and hope for the future.”